Friday, July 13, 2007

Update: Senate Energy Water Bill Surges Earmarks to 10 Times 2007 Levels

The Senate Energy and Water Bill has added a total of $170 Million in additional Oregon earmarks.

This "surge" of 59 energy and water projects pushes the total House and Senate Oregon Earmarks for FY 2008 to $257 Million compared to reported FY 2007 earmarks of $25.73M.

Thus, with about 2/3rds of FY 2008 appropriation bills passed, Oregon earmarks for FY 2008 are 10 times the FY 2007 level, or an 899% increase in one year.

Download a PDF version of this posting, with a table showing subtotals by representative, Senator , and the President here.

Download a comprehensive MS Excel Oregon earmark database with details on ALL Oregon earmarks to date for FY 2008 here.

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