Saturday, July 14, 2007

CNN database indicates Walden only OR. Rep to disclose his earmark requests to date—100 requests for $155 Million+; Hooley Has Zero Requests.

According to a database maintained by CNN as of July 13, Greg Walden was the sole Oregon Representative to disclose his list of earmark requests, here. Walden was not shy in his request for 100 earmarks, totaling some $155 Million, WITHOUT an additional significant earmark for “full funding” or county timber payments.

(The CNN database does not yet appear to attempt to capture earmark disclosure status for the Senate , although those requests are to date far higher than Representatives. To see the CNN database for Representatives look for the link with this CNN story here).

In reviewing the exclusive Oregon Earmarks Blog Excel database here, through July 13, Darlene Hooley was the only member of Oregon’s congressional delegation without a single earmark in the two House appropriations bills passed by committees to date.

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