Friday, July 27, 2007

Oregon FY 2008 Earmarks Reach $470 Million, 18 Times FY 2007 Level, With 45% of Appropriations Bills Still to Come.

Earmarks for the HUD/Transportation bill in both the House and Senate, and the Senate State and Foreign Operations bill have been added to the Oregon FY 2008 earmarks database. With 55% of Committee action on agency appropriations bills completed, Oregon FY 2008 earmarks jumped to $470 Million compared to reported FY 2007 earmarks of $25.73M. Thus, Oregon earmarks for FY 2008 are already 18 times the FY 2007 level, or a 1727% increase in one year.

Download a PDF version of this posting, with a table showing subtotals by Oregon Representative, Senator, and the President here.

Download a comprehensive MS Excel Oregon earmark database with details on ALL Oregon earmarks to date for FY 2008 here.

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