Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Willamette Week Story on Earmarks; New Pivot Table Using WW Data

The August 15 Willamette Week weekly newspaper has a new story on earmarks HERE. (Full disclosure-I was interviewed for the piece and the story includes a quote from me and a reference to this blog).

My initial take is that WW and reporter Ian Demsky have done a good job in presenting key information about earmarks in Oregon.WW should also be commended for taking the time to download and build their own data set and also for making that data available to readers who may want to see more details on the specifics of Oregon earmarks.

To build on WW efforts, this morning I downloaded the WW earmark list and in MS Excel added a pivot table that makes it easy for readers to see earmark dollars by city and requestor (or to create Pivot tables of their own making). This expanded MS Excel workbook version of WW's earmark data is available HERE.

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